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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, most wanted. the isis terrorist known as jihadi john now identified by authorities. overnight reaction from his victims' families here at home. race to 2016. republican presidential hopefuls gathering right now taking aim at the white house, but who will rise above the rest? close call. another commuter train just seconds away from plowing into a car. but a fast-acting cop saved the day. and the great debate. the dress that's owning the internet right now. the picture playing tricks with your mind but what color is it? and good friday morning to you all. we have to start with this story
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here. americans who lost loved ones at the hands of the man known as jihadi john now identified as mohammad emwazi boy, they are speaking out this morning. >> they want the brutal killer to stand trial and answer for his crimes. abc's bazi kanani joins us with what we're learning about the most wanted man in the world. bazi. >> reporter: good morning, reena. good morning, t.j. officials have known the true identity of the isis executioner for several months but kept it secret as they tried to find him. the hunt still on this morning. the identity of the world's most wanted man revealed. >> our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people. >> reporter: mohammad emwazi 26 years old, college educated raised in this mixed income west london neighborhood where friends are stunned. >> the mohammed that i knew was extremely kind extremely gentle. extremely soft-spoken. was the most humble young person that i knew. >> reporter: authorities figured
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out emwazi's identity soon after the beheading of american james foley in august. >> to me it's just tragic that he would -- such a talented young man would lose his way and become part of such a brutal network as isis. >> reporter: the unmerciful isis leader then slaying steven sotloff and peter kassig plus two britons and two japanese hostages. emwazi left britain for syria three years ago. his identity confirmed just as three young men from new york became the latest arrested while trying to travel to syria to join isis. counterterrorism officials say they are struggling to stop isis' reach through social media. >> we are losing the battle to the amount of use of social media and other internet-based activities. it eclipses our efforts. >> reporter: british security firms had been tracking ementz for several years, even stopping him back in 2010 from traveling
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to kuwait. it is not known how he fell off their radar and managed to get to syria to join isis. >> we're hearing that isis has recruited more young people to join them in the middle east but what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: canadian officials say six young people there have left the country and are believed to be on their way to syria. they are 18 and 19 years old, four of them are college graduates and, again, counterterrorism officials say this is another example of just how effective isis propaganda and isis recruiting has been. all right, abc's bazi kanani for us thank you, as always. we have other disturbing new images of isis fighters this morning destroying ancient artifacts. video from isis you see the men attacking a statue with sledge hammers and drills. some dated 7th century b.c. the prophet told them to get rid of statues and relics a man
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said. the largest maximum security prison was placed on lockdown for hours in south carolina after a violent confrontation between inmates and guards. it was while a prisoner was being searched. a number of inmates assaulted seven officers. it was eventually brought under control and the guards were treated and released. the incident remains under investigation. well an 11th hour deal may have been reached to fund the homeland security department at least for now. today the house will vote on the plan leaving in place president obama's immigration policy. senate democrats indicated they would agree to the measure and predicted president obama would sign it. funding runs out tonight at midnight. the republican run-up to the 2016 campaign is in full swing as potential presidential candidates attend a huge conservative gathering for a second day outside washington. they're taking the stage at cpac the conservative political action committee and chris
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christie had a blunt message. >> some more of that stuff should be happening in washington, d.c. because there's so much ridiculous stuff being spewed out of washington someone should say it's time to shut up. >> carly fiorina decided to take on the person of all the contenders will likely have to face. >> she tweets about women's rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights. hillary may like hashtags but she does not know what leader leadership means. >> jeb bush will be speaking today. a new quinnipiac poll shows him in third place behind wisconsin governor scott walker and rand paul. also in washington something a little wacky. you don't see this every day on capitol hill. a few inches of snow on the ground there, that's not the wacky part. a few inches is all republicans james inhofe needed as evidence to disprove climate change and
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global warming as he oftens to it as and spoke on the floor about the issue and brought the prop. >> it's a snowball and that is just from outside here so it's very very cold out. very unseasonable so here mr. president, catch this. uh-huh. >> hey, "a" for theatrics and presentation. >> we have a snowball. this is the evidence that global warming, as he says, is a myth. he does admit the earth's climate is changing but he does not believe humans are to plame for it. >> pretty picture there. well digging out this morning in northern alabama which got more snow than washington. more than 10 inches. it was so hazardous police used military humvees to patrol the roads. secondary roads this morning are still bad. schools will remain closed another day and some businesses are staying closed or opening late. yesterday's half foot of snow in chicago makes this the third snowiest february on record.
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the total snowfall more than 26 inches and another storm is moving in saturday night, just hours before the end of the month. that will mean more travel headaches like these. >> boston has had travel headaches for weeks, of course. the transit system was crippled and can't promise service for another month now. only running at 80% of capacity today. the transit authority's general manager was replaced this week. also temperatures in boston this is good news though could be in the 50s next week. >> i'd say get a sled but it's warming up. >> warming up. not going to be too warm today. temperatures dropping in the northeast below freezing in the midwest. the only significant snow in the rockies as well as the texas panhandle. >> boston's highs in the mid-20s. chicago, 17 degrees. atlanta warms up to 45. we're getting our first look at a new navy ship named for gabby giffords the "uss
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gabrielle giffords." >> some final touches need to be taken care of before it's launched in august. it is 419 feet long and will travel at nearly 50 miles an hour. that's incredibly fast. well coming up some news from apple. set to make another big announcement. the latest on the aaron hernandez murder trial. startling videotape jurors were shown in court. the major move impacting every music fan.
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for the first time the government is going to regulate the internet. the fcc voted to treat high-speed broad band as a utility.
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internet service providers won't be able to give fast internet connections to some companies that pay are for the privilege. president obama is among those celebrating the vote. opponents call it government meddling. new movies debut on fridays, now new music will as well. new releases have dropped on tuesdays for decades in the u.s. with the internet though having different days around the world when albums would go on store outdated so they hope this will cut down on piracy. new evidence that the apple watch is getting closer to making its debut and hosting a special event on march 9th. the invitation carries the line spring forward. those who can't wait to see the smartwatch can take out their 12-page ad in "vogue." wow. another new limited edition flavor of oreos. cotton candy. how does that sound to you? the standard golden cookie with the all important icing split
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between pale blue and pink and still has them in the sampling phase and probably won't hit store shelves for a couple of months. >> you should bring those on. >> at these hours. i'm trying to help you. >> i don't want help. it's friday. >> can somebody help us with this dress? this has everybody losing their mind and stolen and maybe broken the internet. a close call that could have been another train collision. an iphone randomly exploding. right in the pocket causing serious burns. what in the world is going on? that's next here on "america this morning." y of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out... with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain,
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it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me and i was like well can you fix it can you paint it back on and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier and it was a real easy switch to make. oh winter weather always brings potholes to our roadways but it's particularly bad this year in denver. these colorado craters often damage car wheels' alignment and driver's nerves.
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other than potholes you won't have to slow down in the east and midwest today but roads will be slippery in the rockies and texas panhandle. they'll be wet in the northwest. south texas and most of florida. well an updayton 0 the murder trial of former new england patriots star aaron hernandez. jurors were shown surveillance video yesterday showing hernandez dancing at a gas station about an hour before the murder of odin lloyd. >> a bartender testified he ran up a nearly 250 bar tab earlier in the day and was smoking weed. the prosecutors say the same car seen at that gas station was later spotted near where lloyd's body was found. appealing a federal judge's ruling which overturned the suspension of star running back adrian peterson. the judge says nfl commissioner roger goodell acted outside his authority last november when he suspended peterson because of a child abuse charge. the decision says the league
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can't retroactively apply its conduct personnel policy because it occurred before the policy was in place. disaster averted thanks to the quick thinking of a connecticut police officer. that suv clears the tracks just seconds before a commuter train comes barreling through. moments earlier, the officer noticed the vehicle was stuck on the tracks. that train was approaching so he ran down the row of cars ahead yelling for everybody to move forward just a bit. they did and a likely crash was avoided by inches. meanwhile some frightening wrong-way moments on a texas highway. this is caught on a police dash cam. you see the driver. that drive over there is going the wrong way. speeding eastbound in the westbound lanes of the freeway and smashes head-on into a family minivan. you're about to see that moment come up right there. both the parents were hurt. the kids that were in that vehicle are okay. police say the driver was drunk. well former college
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basketball player is suing a tulsa, oklahoma bar after an attack by five bouncer was caught on camera. michael sanchez and a friend seen on surveillance video getting punched, choked and dragged, sanchez who is 6'9" says they were paying for drinks at last call when the bouncer told them to leave. they immediately charged at them. the bouncer were all arrested and charged with assault and battery. new york man is home from the hospital after his iphone exploded in his pocket. eric johnson suffered second and third-degree burns on his inner thigh and says he was just bending over trying to get his keys out of his pocket when it happened and couldn't get the phone out of his pocket. >> i think the phone melted my pockets shut so i couldn't get into it and had to rip my pants off. a couple people said they can actually smell my body burning. >> well you don't hear that sound-bite every day. johnson spent ten day, ten days in the hospital. apple says it's looking into this incident.
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johnson's attorney says apple should look into the potential dangers of the products it sells. time now for some sports. >> i know this is one of your favorites of the day. the highlights and commentary from our guys at espn. >> he's stan. i'm neil. we had llama, acrobats and went dress shopping on the "sportscenter" show. you're not going to get any of that. >> gold or white or blue and black. >> it was black and blue. no, gold and white. lebron james taking on steph curry and the warriors. lives up to the billing and lebron james lived up to the billing too. first an injury concern for cleveland. kyrie irving jammed his left shoulder went to the locker room and came back scored 24 points. will have an mri on it friday. he adoubtful for friday but lebron james, no doubt about it 44 points 11 rebounds. they win. oklahoma city/phoenix suns game.
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russell westbrook shot the ball 138 times in this game. oh, wait no just 38. i'm sorry. tied it up there. went to overtime. eric bledsoe only shot it 16 times. bledsoe had a triple-double and or was an assist shy of it. westbrook had a triple-double but couldn't send it to double overtime. hurt himself and his feelings. suns won, who a game in o.t. fun. >> thunder fans happy to see him get up with durant already out. >> yeah they would have trouble. >> yeah. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> that's it. well hundreds of new words anticipate phrases added to the online version of the oxford dictionary. >> first up, janky. it means of extremely poor or un unreliable quality. also koozie insulating sleeve. >> never heard of it. next party foul. actor instance of unacceptable behavior at a party or other
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social gathering and finally colorblocking in fashion and design the use of contrasting blocks of panels of solids typically bright color. coming up the debate that rages on splitting this country apart. what color is this dress? can you tell what colors are the dress? a simple question. what colors, the internet is obsessed with this. before that dress it was all about the llamas the "pulse" up next. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories.
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sponsored professionals. >> you can play against them or watch them explain what they're doing. yes, watch them. only three states allow online gambling. twitch is hoping it will result in more poker players. >> another way to waste time this weekend, rewatch the chase that gripped the country yesterday. >> it was a good one. we're talking about those llamas on the loose racing through a phoenix area retirement community. that was yesterday. the llamas going on the lam during a visit with some senior citizens during the hour or so running around social media exploded cheering them on eventually the black llama was captured with a lasso, the white one recaptured in the same way. >> the arizona cardinals getting in on the fun agreeing to a one-year deal with the llamas saying each would earn a ton of hay. >> that's a good deal. who knew it only took a lasso.
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>> in other states they wouldn't have the skill to use a lambalmost almost -- forcing families and friends even our own newsroom to take sides. the big question we can't seem to agree on the colors in this dress. are you seeing blue and black or white and gold? the picture 307ed up on tumblr and blazed on social media triggering nearly 4 million tweets. # #the dress. >> james franco anna kendrick. your vote was what? >> white and gold. >> mine was -- it looked baby blue and gold to me. >> everybodies that their own interpretation interpretation. >> it's gold and white. >> it's baby blue clearly. >> he's going to get his glasses
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>> good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is the last friday in february. 4:27 the accuweather team is tracking bitter cold air and a possible wintry mix this weekend. we have weather and traffic updates. new video into the newsroom shows isis militants destroying ancient artifacts. a woman has been robbed on the street in broad daylight. when was the last time you had dessert? was it a long time ago? apparently it's a problem it's all next. >> we started off with the oscars. let's see what the late night guys had to say about this week in our "friday funnies."
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>> it was on fire. he almost kissed idina menzel then did kiss scarlett johansson. look. joe biden. >> i don't want to say the oscars ran long but the kid from "boyhood" just moved into a senior living facility. >> rob ford is auctioning off the tie he wore when he admitted to using crack cocaine. and the money is going to a really good cause. i'm just kidding. it's going to crack. secretary of veterans affairs robert mcdonald issued an apology for saying he served in the military's special forces when he in fact did not. but he's not the only member of obama's cabinet that made a public confession. earnest moniz confessed he's an 18th century composer that somehow traveled through time and became energy secretary. >> some people were saying bill
4:29 am
o'reilly exaggerated his war experience in the 1980s. yeah. yeah people became suspicious because o'reilly says he was injured in the east coast/west coast rap wars. [ laughter ] >> man in california led police on a two-hour car chase before finally getting stopped in the middle of the street yesterday and then take a look at what happened next. >> does appear that he's -- >> smoking. >> getting high i believe and, bob, i don't have any experience but i believe it's called hot boxing boxing. >> my weed dealer tells me it's hot boxing. >> fortunately it surprised me there are still people in the united states who know how to use a lasso. somebody needs to write a children's book. lanie and carnie the llamas that could run faster than anybody in arizona. >> jimmy is on to something. get it out.
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>> hi, everyone, we're working on several developing stories this friday, february 27. this is new video of isis extremists using sledge hammers to destroy ancient artifacts in the middle east. >> police are looking for a group of teenagers wanted tore a string of robbery. >> accuweather is reporting a string of flurries coming through. >> make it stop! at least it's


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